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Your Dog's Health -- Some Simple Ways to Care for Man's Best Friend 

If you are a dog owner, no doubt you are also a dog lover because after all, "dogs are man's best friends."

Your dog will give you unconditional love even if you're not that great of a dog owner, but wouldn't you  feel a whole lot better knowing you were doing everything possible to make your dog as comfortable, healthy and happy as possible?


With that in mind, be sure to take your dog for an annual checkup with your vet to keep up with his innoculations and be checked out for any health problems -- such as common dog diseases.

Each stage of life for your dog has different problems to watch out for -- from his puppy days to old age.

You want to make sure that any infestations of fleas or worms are taken care of as soon as possible before these pests cause serious health problems. If your dog has fleas, he can carry diseases. He can also be a parasite carrier if he is infested with worms. Think about the wellbeing of your special friend! Imagine how uncomfortable your dog must be being bit by fleas over and over again! So be sure that you've done your part in helping him to get rid of them.

There are special flea combs that you can use to check for fleas and there are a number of different remedies available at pet stores to get rid of fleas. Your vetinarian can suggest remedies to help your dog from being overrun with fleas. And you certainly don't want your home to be hopping with those pesky black critters that love to ride around on your dog. A small amount of garlic added to your dog's food can help ward off flea infestations. Just don't give him too much or it could be harmful to him.

Be sure your dog enjoys a healthy diet by buying good-quality dog food instead of the cheap stuff.

Buy a dog toothbrush for your dog and regularly brush his teeth so that he doesn't develop dangerous diseased gums. It will take a while for him to learn to accept having his teeth brushed. Gradually let him get used to the idea of having his teeth brushed.

Be aware of the fact that older dogs can develop arthritis which is probably as painful for them as it is for humans. Help him to feel better by providing supplements that can help your dog to feel better even though he does have arthritis.

These are just a few suggestions to help you keep up with some of your dog's health needs, but there are many more topics under caring for your dog's health. Do your research so you can be the best friend possible for one of your best friends.